dbzinit error ...

N niels at bakker.net
Fri Nov 5 01:26:53 UTC 1999

Richard Michael Todd wrote:

> Large file support *should* work OK on FreeBSD or any of the other BSDs as

Not my experience (tried only on FreeBSD 3.0-CURRENT at the time).  Unless
support for this (long int off_t) was added within the last year I think
something is still amiss.

I tried 4 GB cycbuffs, IIRC; even 2 GB didn't work so I put a bundle of 1
GB buffs on each 4.3 GB disk.  On a more recently built server I used
1024*1024*2 - 1024 bytes, which works like a charm, I can say.

Maybe mmap() doesn't do 64 bit?  I'm not turning that off though. ;-)

	-- Niels.

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