dbzinit error ...

Basil Kruglov basil at cifnet.com
Fri Nov 5 01:45:32 UTC 1999

On Fri, Nov 05, 1999 at 02:26:53AM +0100, N wrote:
> Richard Michael Todd wrote:
> > Large file support *should* work OK on FreeBSD or any of the other BSDs as
> Not my experience (tried only on FreeBSD 3.0-CURRENT at the time).  Unless
> support for this (long int off_t) was added within the last year I think
> something is still amiss.


> I tried 4 GB cycbuffs, IIRC; even 2 GB didn't work so I put a bundle of 1
> GB buffs on each 4.3 GB disk.  On a more recently built server I used
> 1024*1024*2 - 1024 bytes, which works like a charm, I can say.

I got 2.5 and 4gigs cycbuffs, everything is fine, except one small thing not
related to all this, history keep growing and growing.. and its taking hours
and hours to rebuild it every night with expireover lowmark.

> Maybe mmap() doesn't do 64 bit?  I'm not turning that off though. ;-)

I got inn compiled with '--enable-tagged-hash & --with-perl'.


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