Another patch (2nd Try)

Heath Kehoe hakehoe at
Fri Nov 5 17:19:21 UTC 1999

>}   # Open an article appropriately to our storage method (or lack thereof).
>} + # If the token starts with a /, it is assumed to be a regular file,
>} + # even if we're using sm.
>Why this is needed?  All articles stored in tradspool
>method are represented as tokens, not paths.

Take a look at (for an action of "mail") it creates a
temp file, writes stuff to it, then calls logger($tempfile, ...).
Normally, the first arg to logger is a token.  logger calls open_article
with that arg.

Some of the other control functions pass a filename instead of a token
to logger, too.

Hasn't anyone else noticed that checkgroups messages weren't getting
mailed correctly??  This fixes that.


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