I've not understood moderator's work

antonio caravaggio acmoz at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 18:56:24 UTC 1999

Hi I'm new to INN and newsgroup (server-side) and I' m trying to configure a 
newsgroup server on a linux machine, using INN.

I have created a moderated group (called Mtest) and when someone post an 
article on Mtest, it is mailed to moderator (that's OK), but I don' t 
understand HOW the moderator (once decided to accept the article) should put 
this by-mail-received article in Mtest. In simple words, which command(/s) 
should moderator execute to add a mail received to the group moderated by 

Another thing that trouble me: If a client (allowed to post to and read  
from a moderated group ) posts an article adding the header "Approved: " 
followed by a syntactic legal (also inhexistent) mail address, his article 
is posted directly to Mtest, instead of mailing it to moderator.... what is 
wrong in configuration?

Many thanx,
Acmoz at hotmail.com

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