I've not understood moderator's work

antonio caravaggio acmoz at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 10 15:54:57 UTC 1999

> > Another thing that trouble me: If a client (allowed to post to and read
> > from a moderated group ) posts an article adding the header "Approved: "
> > followed by a syntactic legal (also inhexistent) mail address, his 
> > is posted directly to Mtest, instead of mailing it to moderator.... what 
> > wrong in configuration?
>Absolutely nothing.  There is no verification on Approved headers at all -
>they only have to be non-blank.  Take a look at groups like alt.hackers 
>the group is moderated, but there isn't a moderator.  They do that as a
>minimal bar to entry - you can only post if you've figured out how to add 
>Approved header yourself.  Often times the Approved: header will contain
>jokes rather than email addresses.

??? Are you saying that anyone can post anything he wants on a moderated 
group simply adding an Approved header? (Of course the moderator is able to 
remove unapproved article from server but only after its pubblication).
That' s means moderated and unmoderated groups are quite the same thing!

The only method to make a REALLY moderated group is to configure a group 
with no post right (for anyone) and to post an article it should be sent to 
moderator who decide (or not) to put it on the group (piping the mail to | 
inews -a someone at somewhere.somedomain)?

Many thanx
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