What are control control.cancel and junk groups?

Kevin McKinnon kevin at sunshinecable.com
Wed Nov 10 18:38:40 UTC 1999

antonio wrote:
> Hi I don' t understand what are these 3 groups : control control.cancel and 
> junk. I'v tried to remove them but if I do it innd doesn't start...

The requirement for having these newsgroups is documented in the 

> What is the purpose of these groups ? 

Control messages for adding and removing new newsgroups are 
propagated via the control group.  Message cancellation messages are 
propagated via control.cancel.

> Are they necessary?


> If yes how may I make them invisible?

In your ~news/etc/readers.conf file, change the ordinary users 
section to read as:

# ordinary users
access "all" {
        # users can read/post to all but our internal newsgroups.
        users: "*"
        newsgroups: "*,!control.*,!junk"
        access: "Read Post"
I've been running INN 2.3 for ~four months, I can't remember if 
readers.conf is the same for INN 2.2 or earlier.  Your mileage with 
this suggestion may vary depending on which version of INN you're 


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