What are control control.cancel and junk groups?

Matthew D. Lammers lammers at zeus.netset.com
Wed Nov 10 20:12:01 UTC 1999

Just recently, Kevin McKinnon wrote this:
< I've been running INN 2.3 for ~four months, I can't remember if 
< readers.conf is the same for INN 2.2 or earlier.  Your mileage with 
< this suggestion may vary depending on which version of INN you're 
< running.

For INN 2.2 and earlier, in ~news/etc/nnrp.access:

*.foo.bar:Read Post:::*,!control*,!junk*,!local.lusers-we-hate

And some of my other favourite tricks:

In ~news/etc/newsfeeds, don't waste CPU/disk ticks on junk/control:



** Don't forget to use the correct path to your news directory.

  Matthew D. Lammers
  Columbus, Ohio, US

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