question on ovmmapthreshold

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Wed Nov 10 21:09:36 UTC 1999

 From the manpage for inn.conf:

          Threshold not to use mmap when retrieving overview data
          for buffindexed.  If the number of retrieving overview
          data is beyond this value, buffindexed does not hold
          mmapped area and allocates memory for it.  If set to a
          negative value or if the number of retrieving overview
          data is under this value, buffindexed holds mmapped
          area.  The default value is 10000.

That's all relatively clear, but what I'm unclear about are the 
implications of this parameter. I presume this affects reader performance? 
And is the value in bytes or some other measure? Better to leave it alone, 
or attempt fine-tuning for a given system?

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