Problems compiling inn-1999-11-10_03-01

Tom Kacvinsky tjk at
Thu Nov 11 05:13:01 UTC 1999


> Nope, nothing interesting in the config.log about failures for the
> check on int32_t and unint_32t.  Looks like that part ran clean.

Yep, checked everthing out.  It ran clean.  But ...

Here is a simple header file:

#include <sys/types>

typedef int32_t INT32_T

Run this file through cpp (from gcc 2.95.2), and the 

    typedef int32_t INT32_T

line gets expanded to

    typedef int; INT32_T;

Weird.  Sun's pro compiler (cc -E) also does this.  Hmmm...
Sounds like a problem with Sun's headers.

Anyway, replacing int32_t on line 240 of clibrary.h by int solves 
the problem for me.  Not portable, though.

> Will let you know how "#define"ing HAVE_INET_NTOA goes.

That worked.  Thanks...


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