Posting problem

Elena Samsonova E.Samsonova at
Thu Nov 11 12:06:20 UTC 1999

Hi Eddie,

> Can anyone point me towards which files to look for as far as configuration
> issues regarding posting. I am using INN 2.2.1 on a R.H. linux 6.0 box
> (2.2.5-15 kernal). All is well as far as reading news but posting does not
> seem to be working. I can post to my own news server but do not see the post
> showing up on other news services. I have the nnrp.access file setup as:
> localhost:Read Post:::*
> Post:::*
> * Post:::*
> #My news feed source
> Post:::*

For one, you should be using readers.conf instead of nnrp.access.  But
this does not seem to be the problem since you can post locally.
> What log files should I look for to see if my post are successful? I have a
> push feed for My thinking is that I am not
> configuring the nntpsend.ctl properly.  Any help would be appreciated.

So, what does your nntpsend.ctl look like?  And you are using innxmit,

And are you sure that the upstream host actually accepts your postings?
Check nntpsend.log.

Do you have any anti-spam filters installed on your local machine?  If so,
it may be dropping your postings.  Check news.log.


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