Posting problem

Eddie Strohmier estroh at
Wed Nov 10 23:34:10 UTC 1999


Can anyone point me towards which files to look for as far as configuration
issues regarding posting. I am using INN 2.2.1 on a R.H. linux 6.0 box
(2.2.5-15 kernal). All is well as far as reading news but posting does not
seem to be working. I can post to my own news server but do not see the post
showing up on other news services. I have the nnrp.access file setup as:

localhost:Read Post:::* Post:::*
* Post:::*
#My news feed source Post:::*

What log files should I look for to see if my post are successful? I have a
push feed for My thinking is that I am not
configuring the nntpsend.ctl properly.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You in Advance,

Eddie Strohmier
Bonwell Globalnet

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