Orphaned history record

N niels at bakker.net
Fri Oct 1 09:09:39 UTC 1999

George Lindholm wrote:

>>>   I just came accros a history record that refered to an article
>>> that is no longer on the system. As far as I can tell, the
>>> article was purged around the 20th, but history still thinks
>>> it is around.
>> What version of INN are you running?  Are you using traditional spool with
>> or without using the storage API?  Did you try cancelling the article via
>> ctlinnd?  Did you wait /remember/ days yet?
> It's 2.3. Combination of timehash/cnfs/tradspool. The article in
> question was a timehash'd one. Using ctlinnd to cancel doesn't do
> anything. /remember/ is irrelevant since innd still thinks that the
> article in in the spool area.

If it's timehash, isn't it only deleted from spool when all articles in
that particular file have expired?  What happens if you try to do

	% sm `grephistory "<Message at ID>"`

- do you get the article?  Is it returned in overview information for the
group(s) it's in?

I may be misunderstanding timehash or your problem but I think what you're
seeing is legitimate behaviour...

	-- Niels.

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