innreport for GD-1.21, creating png graphics

Fabien Tassin fta at
Fri Oct 1 09:24:04 UTC 1999


According to Benedict Lofstedt:
> I have just downloaded GD-1.21, but it doesn't work with
> innreport-3.0.0.  Are you working on a patch or a new release?

The problem is that GD no longer produces GIF (but PNG instead).
I've not decided what to do because PNG is only supported by
recent browsers (Netscape >= 4.04 and IE >= 4.0) and a lot of people
still use older versions or other browsers that do not support PNG
at all.

Anyway, innreport can easily be patched to be able to use both pre
1.20 and post.

I'm open to better suggestions. 

Fabien Tassin -+- fta at

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