trying to narrow down nnrpd problem ... in newgroups?

The Hermit Hacker scrappy at
Wed Oct 6 04:16:17 UTC 1999

Sounds logical...totally missed the OVgroupstats when I looked through
that code...

First question, does the following logic work:

        if ((atol(q) < date) || !OVgroupstats(p, &lo, &hi, &count, &flag))

if atol(q) < date is true, then does it skip doing the OVgroupstat, or
does it depend on compiler/OS for that?  I seem to recall a discsussion in
a course way way backl about this, but from working on wu-ftpd code last
night, either I'm remembering the conversation wrong, or totally forgot
how to do it...

If this is not the case, might it not be better to do:

if(atol(q) < date) {
else { 
  if(!OVgroupstats()) {

to hopefully reduce the number of calls to OVgroupstats(), if nothing else
can be done? *raised eyebrow*

On 5 Oct 1999, Russ Allbery wrote:

> The Hermit Hacker <scrappy at> writes:
> > Issuing teh following just hangs...I added a bit of debugging code, and
> > it appears that around like 599 of nnrpd/commands.c, there is a loop
> > that starts:
> > syslog(L_ERROR, "%s getting active.times", ClientHost);
> >     /* Read the file, ignoring long lines. */
> >     while ((p = QIOread(qp)) != NULL) {
> >         if ((q = strchr(p, ' ')) == NULL)
> >             continue;
> > the 'syslog' error at the beginning I well as one right after
> > the loop ends...the loop doesn't appear to ever end...
> Yeah, I had a feeling that was where it might be.  My sneaking suspicion,
> based mostly on what part of the code invoked from that list is the newest
> and least thoroughly tested and modified the most recently, is that it has
> something to do with OVgroupstats(), which is called for each pass through
> that loop and is dealing with buffindexed stuff.
> But I went and looked at the buffindexed code and I don't see anything
> amiss there, so this may be a completely wild guess.
> It's just that nothing else in that loop has changed recently so far as I
> know....
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