Cycbuffs keep growing?

Javier Henderson javier at KJSL.COM
Wed Oct 6 20:35:17 UTC 1999

	I'm running 2.2.1 under FreeBSD 3.3-RELEASE.

	I've two disks that are dedicated to the news spool, /news1
and /news2. Each disk contains one cycbuff.

	I started INN for the first time after the installation about
a week ago. Life was good, until this morning. The /news1 and /news2
disks are 100% full. Upon inspection, I noticed that the cycbuff files
have been extended, though I'm not sure why. This caused the server
to throttle.

	I never saw this behavior with 2.1, which I was running until
last week.

	Am I missing something really basic?


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