trouble with MMAP on DU 4.0E

Tony Mumm tonym at
Thu Oct 7 17:48:39 UTC 1999

Hey all,

I've been having trouble with our server running INN-1.7.2.insync1.1d.
We are running this on alphas, with Network Appliance backends for
NFS.    All of the servers are running 4.0E.

We were recently having crashes, which we seem to have a handle on,
thanks to some help.   However, I'm trying to figure out some 
messages that we are getting 'nnrpd'.

nnrpd constantly complains with this message:

nnrpd[xx]: Your mmap() implementation sucks.

Not very descriptive or helpful.  The docs I can find indicate that
Digital has a good mmap implementation.  Has anyone heard of this?

FYI, everything, including active files, history, etc, _everything_
is on the NFS backend of this thing (Netapp filer).



Tony Mumm
Lead Network Technician - netINS, Inc.

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