trouble with MMAP on DU 4.0E

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Oct 23 19:14:59 UTC 1999

Tony Mumm <tonym at> writes:

> I've been having trouble with our server running INN-1.7.2.insync1.1d.
> We are running this on alphas, with Network Appliance backends for NFS.
> All of the servers are running 4.0E.

> We were recently having crashes, which we seem to have a handle on,
> thanks to some help.  However, I'm trying to figure out some messages
> that we are getting 'nnrpd'.

> nnrpd constantly complains with this message:

> nnrpd[xx]: Your mmap() implementation sucks.

> Not very descriptive or helpful.  The docs I can find indicate that
> Digital has a good mmap implementation.  Has anyone heard of this?

This is produced by the following code in nnrpd/article.c:

    if ( *(OVERshm + OVERsize - 1) != '\n' ) {
         * If you get here, then your mmap() implementation sucks.
         * Go complain with your OS vendor, that their mmap() can't
         * do mmap()ing of growing files properly.
         * We try to find a decent record near the end, for the poor
         * sobs without proper mmap. There are a lot of other places
         * in the code with hacks for bad mmap(). Mainly because I'm
         * one of the poor sobs :(

which is part of the code that's turned on by OVERSCREAM, which activates
mmap'ed overview.  That error message (and that code) is no longer present
in the current INN source tree, unsurprisingly given that the overview
implementation has been rewritten nearly from scratch three times since
then.  I don't know if whatever bug that INN 1.7.2 thinks is present is
actually present, and if so, if it's worked around by the current version
or not.

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