overchan in 2.3

N niels at bakker.net
Thu Oct 7 22:56:59 UTC 1999


Repeated occurrences of these log messages isn't supposed to be normal,
is it?

Oct  6 05:01:03 buty innd: overview!:17:proc:19537 cant write Resource temporarily unavailable
Oct  6 05:01:03 buty innd: overview!:17:proc:19537 blocked sleeping 120
Oct  6 05:03:03 buty innd: overview!:17:proc:19537 wakeup

Sometimes innd spawns a new overchan (when reloading ~news/etc/newsfeeds I
guess) and saves some data in ~news/spool/outgoing/overview!.

(1) Does running `overchan overview!' in that directory cause any harm,
    besides the overview not being numbered correctly and clients possibly
    missing articles?
(2) Whenever I do that, I get at least one "overchan malformed token"
    message similar to the following:

news% mv overview\! ov && overchan ov && rm ov
overchan malformed token, @news.worldonline.nl> <7tgli3$71l$1 at nclient7-gui.server.ntli.net>     1212    13      Xref: news.wanadoo.nl alt.music.blur:76741

    (exit code is still 0 though)
    Should I worry about that?  It looks like innd doesn't align stuff
    properly.  That article isn't in the overview database.

Strangely enough overchan seems to lag more often when it's reniced to -5.
I guess the scheduler in FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT needs some work still..

Thanks in advance,

	-- Niels.

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