configure error in 990805 STABLE snapshot

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Oct 9 14:26:25 UTC 1999

Brian Edmonds <bedmonds at> writes:

> After deciding to upgrade my home news server (Linux 2.0.36, libc5) from
> 2.1 I downloaded inn-STABLE_2_2-1999-08-05_03-03 and attempted to build
> it.  I got the following error from configure:

> checking for close on exec style... configure: error: Must set CLX_STYLE

Found this one, finally.  Turns out it was a simple typo in;
it was checking for FD_SETFD rather than F_SETFD.  The bug only triggered
on systems without FD_CLOEXEC, which is set under glibc but not with the
libc5 headers and older Linux kernels.

Will be fixed after my patches that I'm working on now are rolled into the
current build system.

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