some more patches

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Oct 10 09:46:31 UTC 1999

Heath Kehoe <hakehoe at> writes:

> * Adds a couple of HP/UX-specific tests to, to turn on some
>   necessary flags for the HP compiler.

I need to get config.guess working right so that we can use that rather
than guessing based on uname.  Also would be good to get this stuff up
above where we check for a working compiler, or at least check again.

> * Adds some msync calls that are necessary for HP/UX (and other OSs for
>   which MMAP_MISSES_WRITES gets defined).  With this fix, reading works
>   properly with articlemmap=true on HPUX.

I just checked on HP-UX 11.00 and configure there claims that mmap sees
writes.  That somewhat surprised me.  Are you seeing a different result on
HP-UX 11.00, or are you on 10.20?

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