Quick questions on 2.3...

Dan Merillat harik at chaos.ao.net
Tue Oct 12 13:17:27 UTC 1999

I've been following with some interest the development of 2.3... is anyone
running it on a reader box with a decent amount of load?  Anyone running
it on a production or production-staging box?  I'm curious, since 2.2.1
isn't fast enough on the reader side (takes too long to get xover

I've heard a lot about the development of buffindexed, but I havn't seen
anything lately about the performance aspect.... how long does it take
to xover control.cancel? (whats the range and how many articles are
really there?)

Oh yea, and why does Makefile think it's still 2.2?  I downloaded the
snapshot and cvsup a few times before I realized what was going on. :)


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