newsgroup based expiry(2.3)

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Tue Oct 19 04:18:01 UTC 1999

I'm thinking of implementing newsgroup based expiry.  There
are two approaches for it.  1) One which Richard proposed
is to include expiry time in token.  2) And another which
I proposed is let expireover do.  Both have side effects,
while they have each advantages.

1) expire finishes quickly
2) modification of expire.ctl affects on whole articles

side effects
1) a. modification of expire.ctl affects on only newly
      incoming articles
   b. history grows for expiry info in token
2) a. expireover may take longer time to finish(but not
   b. overview data is needed
   c. overviews data needs Expires header info which means
      more space for overview is needed

I'd prefer 2), since expiry behaviour does not differ from
older versions.  But I just hesitate to implement because
of its side effect c).

Does someone have another approach?  Or should we go for
one of above?
Katsuhiro Kondou

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