newsgroup based expiry(2.3)

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Wed Oct 20 00:41:21 UTC 1999

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

> I'm thinking of implementing newsgroup based expiry.  There
> are two approaches for it.  1) One which Richard proposed
> is to include expiry time in token.  2) And another which
> I proposed is let expireover do.  Both have side effects,
> while they have each advantages.
> advantages
> 1) expire finishes quickly
> 2) modification of expire.ctl affects on whole articles
> side effects
> 1) a. modification of expire.ctl affects on only newly
>       incoming articles
>    b. history grows for expiry info in token
> 2) a. expireover may take longer time to finish(but not
>       much)
>    b. overview data is needed
>    c. overviews data needs Expires header info which means
>       more space for overview is needed
> I'd prefer 2), since expiry behaviour does not differ from
> older versions.  But I just hesitate to implement because
> of its side effect c).

How does this work as far as CNFS is concerned?  If I create a buffer
"alt" (alt.binaries is always in a seperate buffer, in my case) and want
to expire, for instance, after 1 day, will the news system somehow
be able to "reuse" teh expired space before it overwrites articles in
other, non-expire based groups?

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