Offloading readers in INN + CNFS

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Please have a look at

It talks about 1 fileserver (netapp) 1 inn box and a couple of
readermachines using roundrobin dns. This setup is in use at Earthlink.
I'm not sure how well cnfs would fit in this picture but i think this
document is very helpfull. Despite the use of nfs in this setup, imho it's
the most scalable and flexible for what i've seen.

Change news to mail in the url for another nice doc btw :)



On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Dan Merillat wrote:

> I've had a co-worker propose a solution to making multiple newservers.
> Obviously, duplicating 10s of gigs of storage for each reader box is
> infeasable, so he proposed the following solution:
> send the overview information to the reader boxes, where they maintain
> it.  They then call the storage box to grab specific article-IDs for
> the client.
> This would work, except the client will be getting quite a few
> "article not found" errors, since it's going to be difficult to
> determine when the article is overwritten on the storage server.
> So, the question is, how difficult would it be to determine
> which article is being overwritten in CNFS when a new article is
> stored?  if this could be done, a few nice things could happen:
> A) for standard INN, overviews could be marked as "dead" as soon as
> it happens.
> B) for offloaded readers, there would be no need for complex
> syncronization of history-like files, as they maintain an up-to-date
> concept of what exists and what does not.
> Obviously, this would be optional since the overhead on a transit
> server would be rather large.   But, for a CNFS only box, it may be
> desirable.   Perhaps checking at the 512 byte boundries for something
> like \0[msgid-hash]\0, (which should never occur in a valid message)
> and then looking up that token for delete processing.
> If this sounds possible I'll look into it, since a solution like this
> would make for a very scalable INN deployment.
> --Dan

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