Offloading readers in INN + CNFS

Brian Kantor brian at
Wed Oct 20 17:13:10 UTC 1999

I'm currently designing our new news service cluster here; we have to serve
about 25,000 customers, any 100 or more may be reading news at one time,
most over fast connections - Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, etc.

My plan is

   1	CNFS machine to exchange news with our neighbors (about 30 sites)
	(it should have about two days of disk on it)

   1	large TRADSPOOL storage system to support reader caches
	(I need fast and efficient overview, and per-newsgroup expiry)
   2	or more 'nntpcache' servers which peer with each other and
	with the storage system for news. (see

Currently our cluster combines the first two machines into one, which
is less than optimum.

I am considering using 'squid' instead of 'nntpcache', if it can be
pursuaded to do the right things.  Haven't tried yet, but it works
real well for web caching.

	- Brian

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