overhead / multiple articles

Henry Penninkilampi htp at metropolis.net.au
Wed Oct 20 18:05:46 UTC 1999


My experience with INN amounts to less then two hours, so now that you 
have an appropriate stereotype in mind, I'll proceed:

I've got a RedHat Linux 5.1 system with the default INN installed 
(upgrading to RedHat 6.1 soon).  I want to be able to send a FAQ to a 
newsgroup on a regular basis.  I have tweaked inn.conf:

server : news.metropolis.net.au
domain : metropolis.net.au

... and have the following command as a CRON job:

NNTPSERVER=news.metropolis.net.au /usr/bin/inews -h < /home/htp/faq

Now, I've got it to work - the article gets posted - BUT:

Whenever the job runs, my (56K permanent modem) link gets *hammered* for 
about three minutes.  We're talking about 900 KB worth of data - all of 
it *inbound*.  The article is only 5 KB in size.

In my mind, 900 KB is just *way* more overhead than a single article 
should generate - so something else must be happening.

Any ideas?

A follow-up question:  Is it possible to embed multiple articles into a 
single file and have them posted as separate messages by INN?  For 
example:  The 'faq' document could contain Part1, Part3, Part3... and I'd 
like each part to be posted as a separate message (with different 



PS:  news.metropolis.net.au is a CNAME to an upstream provider whom I 
have an NNRP feed from.

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