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Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at ifi.uio.no
Wed Oct 20 21:13:11 UTC 1999

[Henry Penninkilampi]

>   Whenever the job runs, my (56K permanent modem) link gets *hammered* for 
>   about three minutes.  We're talking about 900 KB worth of data - all of 
>   it *inbound*.  The article is only 5 KB in size.

inews is downloading the active file from the news server to make sure
that the groups you are posting to exist and are unmoderated.

>   In my mind, 900 KB is just *way* more overhead than a single article 
>   should generate - so something else must be happening.
>   Any ideas?

Yes, install a mini-inews which skips the checking.  The server will
do the checking for you anyhow.

>   A follow-up question: Is it possible to embed multiple articles
>   into a single file and have them posted as separate messages by
>   INN?  For example: The 'faq' document could contain Part1, Part3,
>   Part3... and I'd like each part to be posted as a separate message
>   (with different headers).

Use the shell:
for part in faq-part*; do inews -h < $part; done

Kjetil T.

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