newsgroup based expiry(2.3)

Olaf Titz olaf at
Fri Oct 22 15:00:34 UTC 1999

> Good for you.  Not for me.  I use CNFS for hierarchies where I do best
> effort, it works very well.
> What happens: I am asked to lengthen the expiry time for a group
> (typically mailing lists mirrored to news) since the material is used
> for background in some project.  I can't just say, sorry, the
> interesting stuff will be deleted next week, but the new stuff will
> last for a year.  That's useless.  The alternative is to tell the

How can you meet that with CNFS? Freeze the buffer(s) by taking them
out of every metacycbuff? How do you handle newly arriving articles

It's exactly the impossibility to set a lower bound on retention times
that keeps me away from CNFS...

> Richard's problem can be solved by strengthening the
> storage.conf-parser.  Or perhaps he can do some work on his
> storage.conf-generator to use wildmats to alleviate the problem.

Is it impossible to assign several storage.conf items to the same
storage class? I always thought that would work, so it would be
possible to just split the entries.


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