Offloading readers in INN + CNFS

Dan Merillat harik at
Fri Oct 22 17:55:22 UTC 1999

Kjetil Torgrim Homme writes:

I've just described standard load distribution, actually.  It wasn't 
invented in diablo.

> This is "solved" by handtuning the reader boxes to make sure the
> overview info is expired before the articles on spool.  Note that in
> the general case in the Diablo model the reader box can never know
> whether an article exists or not, since it can contact several spool
> servers which may specialize in keeping different types of articles.

Not really a "solution", since it invloves guessing when the article is
not available.  With CNFS, you know exactly when the article goes away,
so the only time a user should see an "Article not found" error is when
it got expired since they requested xover.


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