innd dies with a high rate of newgroups

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Sun Oct 24 21:44:23 UTC 1999

Quoting Russ Allbery (rra at
> Javier Henderson <javier at KJSL.COM> writes:
> > I wrote up a script to generate a lot of newsgroups, and innd dies at
> > some random time during the script execution, dumping core, if I
> ctlinnd newgroup while throttled has a long and not particularly
> distinguished history; I thought all the bugs had been ironed out of it,
> though....  But if you're throttling anyway, why not just append new
> active lines to the end of the active file in the right format and then do
> a ctlinnd reload active before unthrottling?

I forgot about reload active - I just suggested that he shut down the whole
server, edit active, and then restart the server.

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