still problems with overview/expireover

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Mon Oct 25 00:01:28 UTC 1999

well, i rebuilt my overview from scratch (this is solaris 7 on ultrasparc, 
inn-1999-10-20_03-01, buffindexed overview to rawdisk). now, instead of 
segfaulting and dropping core during expireover, i simply get lines in the 
syslog complaining "expireover[24470]:buffindexed: could not open overview 
for xyz". manually running expireover on the group ( echo "xyz" | 
expireover -f - ) returns virtually the same error "expireover: could not 
expire xyz". I guess that's an improvement over dropping core, but it still 
leaves me with a bit over a thousand groups 29000 for which there's no 
overview data. I've no clear idea why overview can't be created for these 

i'd be happy to run whatever diagnostics might help in tracking this down. 
This is a reader box that's in production, however we have only a handful 
of folks who have actually started using it.

btw, i ran buffindexed on control.cancel, and it generated 217 megs of 
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