Hmmm, what's that doing there?

Olaf Titz olaf at
Tue Oct 26 08:36:23 UTC 1999

>  And while I was grovelling through the source code, I
> noticed that in, it's set to $pathlib.  So I started
> grovelling for $pathlib, and for the life of me I can't find that being set
> anywhere.  Have a look:

It is emitted (and therefore set in by "innconfval -p".

IMHO, the whole innshellvars thing sucks. There are much too many
variables with the same meaning around and it seems somewhat hard to
find the canonical one. That should be revamped in a way that the
names in inn.conf, and only those, are right (with the nice
side-effect that most of innshellvars* can be removed).


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