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Bruce Rodger craa79 at ccsun.strath.ac.uk
Wed Oct 27 12:04:23 UTC 1999

> Edan Harel wrote:
> >>> course.  As an alternative, which platforms do large CNFS buffers work on?
> >> Solaris might work, but I've never tested so far.
> > Solaris 2.7 does.  We've got three cyclical buffers, two 24 Gb
> > cycbuffers and one 36 Gb cycbuffer.
> You probably need to be running the OS in 64-bit mode, but do you have
> to use Sun's C compiler for that to work, or will gcc do the trick?

Funny you should mention that - I've just been trying the same thing. Big
buffers were failing, but the system, running Solaris 7, was in 32bit mode.

Time to upgrade the prom, I think...

(ps - that was with GCC)

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