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George Lindholm George.Lindholm at ubc.ca
Wed Oct 27 16:35:15 UTC 1999

N wrote:
> Edan Harel wrote:
> >>> course.  As an alternative, which platforms do large CNFS buffers work on?
> >> Solaris might work, but I've never tested so far.
> > Solaris 2.7 does.  We've got three cyclical buffers, two 24 Gb
> > cycbuffers and one 36 Gb cycbuffer.

I'm running in 32bit mode with no problems.

> You probably need to be running the OS in 64-bit mode, but do you have
> to use Sun's C compiler for that to work, or will gcc do the trick?

gcc might do it (once you bootstrap it into 64 mode).  

It takes some doing to bootstrap it and I've come across a couple
of packages that blows up when I run the compiled code. Unfortunately,
I don't have innd on a 64bit system so I can't try that combination.

If you do try gcc, get 2.95.2. It is better at 64bit mode than
2.95.1 was.


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