Strange problem

Joel Jacobson joel.jacobson at
Thu Oct 28 23:00:19 UTC 1999


I have just installed innd.
This is my situation:

1. I can list all newgroups without any problems.
2. I can send a message to any newsgroup, but the message will not reach
the newsgroup. (I checked if it would reach the same newsgroups at
another nntpserver, but it didn't).
3. The message I sent will appear at my own nntpserver, but not at any
4. I don't get new news in any newsgroups.

I guess something is missconfigured.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

This is my nntpserver that I'm having problems with:
(really, port 119, login: news, password: mobila

Best regards, Joel Jacobson

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