Case sensitivity in newsfeeds

J. Porter Clark porter.clark at
Fri Oct 29 20:18:08 UTC 1999

javier at KJSL.COM (Javier Henderson) writes:

>Russ Allbery writes:

> > It should be case-insensitive, and appears to be so to me.  innd/art.c:

>	I agree, however, I had the following entry:


>	and I noticed I was offering them what they were offering me. I
>looked at the Path: header, and it was I added that
>to the newsfeeds entry, and the problem went away.

I used to have this problem with, which would change
back and forth between that and things like news.HiWAAY.Net and
practically every other permutation, sometimes several times a day.
Same deal with News.Traveller.COM (R.I.P.).  I don't feed them anymore,
so there's no problem.  But I hate it when the STuDlY CaPs folks are in
charge of news service.

On the other hand, I have found it convenient to be case-sensitive when
a rogue site shows up pretending to be some other site and fails to
copy the capitalization correctly.

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