Username / Password with getlist et. al

Jonas Luster jonas at
Sun Oct 31 19:33:49 UTC 1999

I'm running a small newsserver where all users are authentificated
via username/password. Currently, getlist, does not allow usernames
or passwords to be specified on the commandline, so my workaround tip
until now was to use `telnet | tee` instead of getlist.

Today, having a couple of spare minutes, I've been looking on it a bit
closer. The whole thing, as I see it, depends on libinns CAlistopen
and deeper CA_listopen, so I added two more parameters (password and
username, what else :) to it and changed inews, actsync and so on, to
give NULL or the appropriate strings. getlist now accepts -P and -U,
making CA_listopen send "authinfo user/pass" if != NULL.

Is this the way it should be done, or did I miss some hidden feature


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