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Sun Oct 31 20:59:02 UTC 1999

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	Kenichi Okada <okada at> wrote;

} INN seems to interpret as follows.
} ==============================================================
} #
} #onodera-news/tamaru-news:onodera-news:fj.*/!local:Tm:innfeed!
} ==============================================================
} Is this on purpose?

See newsfeeds(5).

       The file is interpreted as a set of lines according to the
       following  rules.   If  a line ends with a backslash, then
       the backslash, the newline,  and  any  whitespace  at  the
       start of the next line is deleted.  This is repeated until
       the entire ``logical'' line is collected.  If the  logical
       line is blank, or starts with a number sign (``#''), it is

Katsuhiro Kondou

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