Expire performance with big history and spool

N niels at bakker.net
Sun Oct 31 17:37:09 UTC 1999

brister at iengines.com wrote:

>>> Does anyone have a bigger setup than this? (or is that a really naive
>>> question)?
>> Yes, unfortunately...
> What? The fact that bigger is more common than I expected, or my
> naiviety? (or both :-)

Both. *grin*

I think there are now basically four types of news servers:

- small, local use only with a few (moderated) groups, mail2news gateway
  for mailing lists etc., possibly opened for the world to access
- small with a full feed except for binaries
- large with newsmasters who don't understand what they're doing (or are
  hampered by lack of money) so in effect provide a third of a full feed
- large with newsmasters who know what they're doing and attempt to offer
  the full monty.

For the last category, having serious big-assed machines has become a very
common situation.  It probably has to do with the lack of scaling among
multiple machines INN in itself suffers from (when you take in a full
feed; software like nntpcache and dreaderd fill this gap, of course).

> When I retire and go live in a home for old sysadmins (I'm not one any more,
> but I was), I'm sure we'll all be sitting around reminiscing about the good
> old days before spam and when a full feed was done via uucp over a 9600 bps
> modem (with lots of dead time between calls).

Me, I curse the day a certain large firm brought a newsreader to the
unwashed masses that placed the cursor above the quoted text, followed
by a few empty lines.

	-- Niels.

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