sat providers (was Size question ... )

Avi Freedman avi at
Wed Sep 1 17:20:53 UTC 1999

> That comes out to about 5mbps, and as far as I could find the satellite
> providers in the US are limited to about 4mbps for downlink -- can anyone
> recommend a provider that can handle all of it, and for the forseable
> future too as it continues to increase? I've heard of dishes/receivers
> that can do upwards of 30mbps but I'm not sure who provides that service.
> lv.

<disclaimer: I run isp-sat>

Noone that I know of is doing > 4mbps.
isp-sat gets about 30+gb/day through, and as such is the biggest volume
that I know of (and all a few seconds delayed from a large news server).

However, there are plans to go to 8 and then up from there, and the 
equipment ip-sat uses scales to 34mb with no software or hardware changes.


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