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Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Wed Sep 8 20:12:28 UTC 1999

i'm running inn-1999-09-07_03-00/solaris 7. using raw CNFS for both 
articles and overview, with a small tradspool for some local/regional 
groups. just brought this server online in the last week or so.

yesterday i tried 'moving' one of those regional groups onto tradspool, 
that is, i added it to this list of newsgroups in the tradspool 
declaration. previously it was being spooled with all the other articles 
under the CNFS catchall declaration. however, after restarting, innd would 
run away after just a couple of minutes, consuming all CPU, but doing no 
work (a truss showed it stuck at 'time()' ). i presume that this has 
something to do with articles existing in CNFS but being listed as 
belonging in tradspool. I'm not sure how to deal with this without just 
doing a dd of /dev/zero to the CNFS buffers, which i'd rather not do. I've 
read the man pages for storage.conf, etc, but didn't see anything relevant 
to actually changing the declarations of an already-in-place metacycbuff.

The other issue that's come up is that my many CNFS buffers for catchall 
are already cycling, after only about four days of spooling. I'd hoped for 
a longer retention time. Has anyone used the SEQUENTIAL mode for CNFS 
buffers, and would this have the effect I think it might, that is, articles 
would tend to stick around longer, since the 'oldest' CNFS buff would tend 
to not be written to as frequently? maybe? or perhaps it would be better to 
reallocate my cycbuffs, and 'partition' the heirarchies better (currently, 
fourteen 1.8G buffers for*+alt.binaries.multimedia*, 
fourteen 1.8G buffers for alt.binaries.sounds*, and fourteen 1.8G buffers 
as catchall).

sorry for chattering on so much.

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