Big problem, or little problem

N niels at
Thu Sep 9 13:34:21 UTC 1999


Richard Michael Todd wrote:

>> expire begin Wed Sep  8 23:40:46 MET DST 1999: (-v1 -z/news/log/expire.rm)
>> [lots of Group not matched (removed?) messages for nuked groups]
>>     Can't read line 3522193, No such file or directory
> Oooh, INN1.7.2.  Ignore what I said above about makedbz.  Also, that
> tag message may have been fatal in 1.7.*, so that may indeed be your
> only problem. 
> The low article acceptance rate is a sign of the mis-sized .dir/.pag file
> Go ahead and do a 'wc -l history' to find out how big the history file is
> and then do 'makehistory -r -s nnnnnnnn' to rebuild the .dir/.pag 
> files (where nnnnnnnn is the line count you got from wc). That should
> get you back on track.

news% wc -l history
 9232447 history
news% time lib/makehistory -r -s 9232447
Can't read "/news/history" near line 3522192, Error 0
lib/makehistory -r -s 9232447  23.45s user 4.20s system 38% cpu 1:10.98 total

This is interesting :-/ process limits are all set to unlimited, but I
don't think that could be it because the server had been running for a
pretty long time (over a year) before this started happening...

More information:

news% df -h .
Filesystem            Size  Used  Avail  Capacity Mounted on
/dev/md/dsk/d15       3.9G  2.4G   1.5G     61%   /news
news% du -ks history*
759240  history
1       history.dir
1       history.n.dir
0       history.n.pag
63032   history.pag

(No, I didn't set up those stupid meta devices)

TIA for any help..

	-- Niels.

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