Big problem, or little problem

Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Wed Sep 8 22:14:51 UTC 1999

In message <19990908094449.A14990 at>you write:
>Just noticed this in my daily report, inn 2.2.1 on a Solaris 7 box.
>dbz.c(set): can't tag value 0x1000016 tagboth = 0xff0000
>Should I panic, or just get a little nervous?  This is compiled with
>--enable-tagged-hash because the machine's only got 128Mb of physical memory.

Get a little nervous, but not too much.  :-)  What this means is that your
history file has gotten a bit bigger than what the .dir/.pag files were set
for.  Is this a new server, just starting up and building up its history file?
If so, this sort of thing is fairly common.  You do want to run expire soon,
though, to rebuild the history.dir/.pag to fit the new, bigger history.  Not 
only is overflowing the .pag file inefficient, it does sometimes apparently
lead to duplicates getting in the history file (I haven't been able to track
down exactly how that happens), so you probably don't want to leave it in that
state too long.

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