list archives?

Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Thu Sep 9 00:38:34 UTC 1999

In message <Pine.BSF.4.10.9909081918490.54336-100000 at>you write:
>I'm trying to find out how to resolve:
>tradindexed: group cache is full, waiting 10 seconds
>I swear I've seen this one go through before, but I can't find any links
>to a list archive to search *sigh*
>This is with -current sources...pointers to the list archive and/or answer
>to this question greatly appreciated...

That indicates there's a bug somewhere in the group cache code in ov3.c, as
that cache should never be getting full under the kind of usage makehistory
does.  Something somewhere is failing to decrement its usage count on the
cached group, leaving the ov3 code to think that the cache is full and 
all the cache entries are currently being used by one thread or another
(yeah, I know, there's only one thread, but the code in question is looking
forward to the days when we have multithreaded INN.)

FWIW, I did a makehistory here several days ago, and didn't see that

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