makehistory performance

N niels at
Thu Sep 9 02:15:46 UTC 1999

On August 26, 1999, Richard Michael Todd wrote:

>> 'makedbz -i' took 75 minutes to run.
>> On the other hand, 'makedbz -s 2014512 -i' took 4 minutes.
> Yes.  You *always* want to have the dbz index size (-s) set to about the
> right size to match your history file, or performance will suffer badly.

No kidding.

Old history.dir said 16381690 entries.  Running makedbz with only `-i'
promised to take longer than this millennium will last.  Restarted with
`-s 10000000 -i' and broken off after 20 minutes.  Then, restarted with
`-s 18381690 -i' and it finished within five minutes.  Duh.

(INN 2.3, no tagged hash, CNFS only)

	-- Niels.

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