mmap() on HP-UX

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Subject: Re: reg.c Assertion Failure
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James Lewis Nance wrote:

> about, and I know the HP-UX mmap() is awful.  I just reread the HP-UX
> man page and it does not guarantee that data write()en to a file is
> reflected in the memory map of the file.  Linux and Solaris do make this
> guarantee.  I suspect this is what is breaking mozilla.  HP-UX also has
> some problems mapping a single file multiple times.

msync(addr, len, MS_SYNC) is your friend on the HP.  msync() after
update gives you the behavior you're looking for.  If the application
reads more than it writes, a mmaped io solution on the HP can still be a
winner.  HP-UX definitely has some issues mmaping overlapping sections
of a file - but the code did not look like it was doing that.

Joe Nall
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