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Thu Sep 9 02:42:18 UTC 1999

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	The Hermit Hacker <scrappy at> wrote;

} Hrmmm...buffindexed I'mgoing to have a problem with, aren't I?  I'm using

I've fixed serious bug 2 days ago and hopefully they are gone.
I've been running with the code for over 2 days on different
two servers, and found no problem so far.

} time-hash for local groups, with a pretty much unlimited retention
} period...but, unless I'm totally confused, as soon as the buffer rotates
} for the buffindexed method, it will overwrite the overview files, even
} though the articles are still there...?

Buffindexed is similar to cnfs as for the buffer is 8KB sized
block, but it never be overwritten or reused until expireover
runs.  And I believe it wins in performance.

Sep  7 15:26:37 test innd: ME time 600575 idle 249245(15561) artwrite 34036(18191) artlink 0(0) hiswrite 42247(18611) hissync 413(1863) sitesend 0(0) artctrl 2348(502) artcncl 3363(505) hishave 42581(18700) hisgrep 76(86) perl 7657(18191) overv 181198(18191)

This means innd receives over 30 art/s while overview data is
also created.  I haven't seen the same performance with tradindexed
on the same server.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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