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Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Thu Sep 9 03:43:30 UTC 1999

In article <Pine.BSF.4.10.9909090017420.412-100000 at>,
	The Hermit Hacker <scrappy at> wrote;

} How does one determine the size required for the buffer?  I have a 4gig
} CNFS buffer and, currently, approx. 100Meg in timehash...I haven't got a
} clue as to how many total articles...

I've got 10GB for cnfs.

# grep @$ history | wc -l
# inndf -o
32 % overview space used
# cat buffindexed.conf

This means about 1GB is needed for my server.  And the
number of article is 1.4M at most.  This is just my case
and you may have to check left space with 'inndf -o'
after you start.  You can append another buffer easily
after it runs.  Just create new buffer, modify buffindexed.conf
and restart innd.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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