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Thu Sep 9 04:20:54 UTC 1999

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} makehistory -O -I -T /var/spool/news/tmp
} to get things back up and running?


} The part that I'm still confused about...the writes to the buffer are
} sequential, right?  Now, I fill the buffer, and it starts from the

Partly yes.  Buffindexed has its own block allocation algorithm
(not cyclical) and blocks are allocated every 32 blocks sequentially.
OVadd(buffindexed_add) will fail if the buffer is filled up.
OVexpiregroup(buffindexed_expiregroup) which is called by
expireover allocaltes blocks, recreates new overview data and
index from existing one and frees old blocks.

Allocated block belongs to each newsgroup not each overview
data.  So several overview data (of course, they are the same
newsgroup) will be written into one block in most case.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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