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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Sep 13 08:42:08 UTC 1999

brister <brister at> writes:

> Can anyone argue against running indent over the code, and then
> re-indent-ing as needed?

It's cool with me in theory, although I'm not sure how much practical
benefit it has and I've never really used indent before and don't know if
it's likely to do anything weird.  (Does it reformat comments any, or does
it just ignore them completely?)

Can we detabify the source at the same time if we go this route?  I assume
indent has options for that, given that it seems to have options for

If we do this, and we find a set of indent options that work for us, we
may want to run indent automatically on committed source files.  I believe
CVS supports doing that.

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